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Expand Your
Practice & Help
Fellow Floridians.

Florida Attorney Network Services

Joining the Florida Legal network can help build your practice and put your name in front of thousands of Floridians seeking legal services. We connect you with members that are seeking an attorney in your area of practice and your geographical area. Florida Legal has members ranging from individuals to corporations, area associations, state agencies, unions, municipalities, and educational institutions.

Ready to Grow?

To join our panel, all you need is to be a member in good standing of the Florida State Bar and to maintain professional liability coverage of at least $100,000 per incident and $300,000 aggregate per year. Complete our Attorney Application. After your application is approved, you will appear on our Attorney Finder and begin growing your practice through your partnership with Florida Legal.


Why Join Our Network?


Florida Legal allows you to expand your business and receive assured, direct payments from a trusted organization.


Our member clients are the kinds of people who understand that legal guidance is something they are not going to be able to predict, but that they are going to need someday.


We operate as a non-profit organization, so our reimbursements stay competitive.


We pay promptly for all covered services; completed claim forms are turned around in an average of 7-10 days after they are submitted.

Grow your practice while helping fellow Floridians. Become a Florida Legal panel member today.

How It Works


When one of our members needs legal services, they follow a simple process:

  1. They verify that their legal needs are covered by their particular policy.
  2. They search our Attorney Finder to locate an attorney that matches their needs and their geographic area.
  3. They see your listing on the Attorney Finder and contact you to make an appointment.
  4. You provide them with the services they need.
  5. The member submits a claim to Florida Legal with your invoice, and we promptly pay you directly for all covered services.