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Group Legal Insurance for Florida Employees

What would happen if one of your employees was being sued by a neighbor? Or what if their ex wasn’t making child support payments? There are a lot of things that can make an employee’s performance at work suffer; and adding a host of legal fees to that existing stress can exacerbate the situation. Offering your employees Legal Protection Insurance will provide them a valuable benefit and allow them to handle their more stressful situations without losing too much focus.

What Your Employees Receive

The Legal Insurance offered by Florida Legal will pay for an attorney to help your employees through almost any common legal issue that may arise; from estate planning to divorce to civil suits. You (and/or your employees) pay a modest monthly premium, and when your employee needs a lawyer, they can choose from any of our large network of panel attorneys, covering almost every area of consumer law. Your employees work with an experienced and skilled attorney, submit a claim to us for a covered legal expense, and we pay the legal fees directly.


Florida Legal is:


Offering easy-to-join plans and simple tools to help your employees find exactly the right lawyer for their needs.


Our non-profit insurance plan provides coverage to your employees for the vast majority of legal expenses for a low monthly premium.


Ensuring your employees always have a strong advocate in their corner when difficult legal issues arise.


Our panel members have extensive experience in their areas of practice and we stay continually up-to-date with all the latest developments in the legal world.

Give Your Employees Peace of Mind. Join Florida Legal Today.

How it Works


Choose the group plan that best meets your budget, and pay your first premium. From the moment the policy kicks in (for most legal issues, the first of the next calendar month), your employees’ legal fees are covered*.

You and your employees don’t deal with payment at all; the attorney chosen will submit a claim to Florida Legal and we deal with them directly.

Your employees may not use their legal benefits for any legal action against you.

It’s that simple.

*There are some restrictions. The Certificate of Coverage details all limitations and exclusions.