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What Is Legal Insurance?

Legal Insurance (sometimes called Legal Expenses Insurance or Legal Protection Insurance) is just like any other insurance you provide your employees: you may choose to pay the monthly premium or you may pass some or all of the costs on to your employees. Either way, when your employees need legal assistance, they select an attorney from our panel of skilled legal professionals to work with, and we pay their legal fees directly.

Do You Recommend Attorneys For My Employees?

Florida State law prohibits us from recommending a specific attorney. To help your employees find the right lawyer, we offer an Attorney Finder that can locate someone in their geographic area that can provide the experienced legal guidance/representation they need.

If I Offer My Employees This Coverage, How Much Will a Lawyer Cost Me?

You pay nothing outside of the monthly premiums.

The exact cost to your employees will depend on the level of coverage selected. Refer to your Certificate of Coverage for details.

Also be aware that all non-lawyer costs of a legal matter, including court costs, filing fees, postage, copy fees, and travel costs, are not covered by Florida Legal policies; your employees will be responsible for these costs.

If An Employee Has a Legal Matter Not Covered, Can They Still Use Your Attorneys?

Yes. However, they will have to use the normal methods of paying that attorney for the services they provide.

When Do The Benefits Become Available?

For bankruptcy-related legal issues, there is a 90-day waiting period.

For divorce and the modification, enforcement, or establishment of a family court order, there is a six-month waiting period.

For all other benefits, the policy begins covering your employees on the first day of the month after you sign up with Florida Legal.

Does A Florida Legal Policy Cover Matters Already In Process?

No; only legal matters that commence after the date coverage begins (or the relevant waiting period; see above) are covered by Florida Legal policies.

Does The Policy Cover My Employees' Family Members?

The following issues are covered for the Employee only: The modification, enforcement, or establishment of a family court order; Divorce.

All other legal needs are covered for each family member listed on your policy.

Once a given benefit is used, the same employee cannot use the same benefit again until the plan year renews.

Can I Get A Florida Legal Plan for My Business' Legal Matters?

No; our plans are only for personal legal matters. We can cover you and your employees’ individual legal matters, but any business-related matters are not covered.

Can My Employees Use an Out-Of-Network/Out-of-State Attorney?

Yes, there are still benefits available for using attorneys that are not panel members. Contact us for further details.

Is This a Discount or Referral Program?

No; Florida Legal offers Legal Insurance; the attorney your employees choose will submit a claim directly to Florida Legal for the covered legal services provided by a panel attorney.

How Does My Employee Acquire In-Office Services or Representation in Court?

They simply confirm that their matter is covered by the plan you provide and use our Attorney Finder to choose a lawyer. They contact that lawyer, tell them they have a Florida Legal plan and make an appointment.

Can my Employees Use the Legal Insurance I provide them to Sue Me?

No. Employees are not allowed to use their Florida Legal plan to bring a legal action against their employer.

Do You Provide Any Resources for Basic Legal Advice?

Your employees can call our Legal Hotline and speak with an attorney directly for quick/basic legal questions.