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Florida Legal has
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Florida Legal: Individual Insurance for You or Your Family

Are you worried about what will happen to your estate should you have a medical emergency? Are you having a problem with a neighbor that you worry will end up in court? Are you considering divorce, or adopting a child? No matter where you are in your life, legal issues are always around the corner. Florida Legal’s pre-paid legal insurance covers you and your family for a wide range of services; from preparing contracts to estate planning to courtroom representation.

How Legal Protection Insurance Works

Legal Protection Insurance (also called Legal Expenses Insurance or simply Legal Insurance) does for attorneys what health insurance does for doctors or car insurance does for auto repair shops. You pay a modest monthly premium, and when you need a lawyer, our panel of skilled Florida attorneys is there at your disposal. You may choose to work with any panel member from any of the practice areas we cover. Once you choose, you work with that lawyer directly, as their client, and Florida Legal pays their legal expenses directly.


What's Included

$15.36/mo. Individual Plan

$23.16/mo. Family Plan*

* Policyholder’s spouse, or Domestic Partner; and all of Policyholder’s children, including step-children, legally adopted children, children for which Policyholder is the legal guardian, grandchildren, and the children of the Domestic Partner, any of which are under twenty-six (26) years of age.

Up to 4 Attorney Consultations per year
Estate Planning services for wills, trusts, powers of attorney and more.
Up to 4 hours of preventative services per year
Unlimited toll-free telephone advice and consultation
Driving/Boating while intoxicated that are misdemeanor
Family Law up to 6 hours or 3 orders – divorce, custody, child support
Adoption contested or uncontested
Insanity/Infirmity defense proceedings
Juvenile/Children’s Court
Defense of Driving Privileges
Consumer Protection fraud, debt collection, warranty
Bankruptcy personal, non-business bankruptcy court proceedings

This chart is for informational purposes only. All benefits are subject to limitations and exclusions as noted in the policy. Some coverages may have waiting periods.

Legal Protection for the 21st Century: Join Florida Legal Today.

Why Choose Florida Legal?


It’s easy to join our plans, and when you need a lawyer, we’ll help you find one in the area of practice you need. Our panel of Florida lawyers is wide and deep, so you’ll always have an attorney available when the need arises.


A surprise legal need can devastate your finances. For a small monthly premium, you won’t be caught off-guard when a legal issue comes up.


In today’s society, you never know when you’re going to become the object of a lawsuit. With Florida Legal, you’ll always have exactly the right kind of legal advocate by your side.


Florida Legal closely monitors news and updates from The Florida Bar to stay in tune with the legal professionals around the Sunshine State and keep up with every new development in the legal arena.

How It Works


Choose the membership option that best fits your needs and budget, and pay your first premium.

From the moment your coverage kicks in, our network of attorneys becomes available for you; our coverage will pay for any relevant legal needs that come up*. When you first contact a Participating Attorney, simply present your FLIP identification card and complete the appropriate section of the claim form.

You don’t even deal with payment; simply submit a claim to Florida Legal and we’ll deal with your Florida attorney directly for payments of covered claims.

It’s that simple.

*There are some restrictions. The Certificate of Coverage details all limitations and exclusions. You will be responsible for paying any charges or expenses in excess of or otherwise not covered under the Policy.