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What Is Legal Insurance?

Legal Insurance (sometimes called Legal Expenses Insurance or Legal Protection Insurance) is similar to other insurance plans you have. You pay a monthly premium, and when you need legal assistance, we pay your attorney fees.

Do You Recommend Attorneys For Your Clients?

Florida State law prohibits us from recommending a specific attorney. To help you find a lawyer to meet your needs, we offer an Attorney Finder that will locate someone close to you with extensive experience in the area of law you need.

If I Join, How Much Will a Lawyer Cost Me?

The exact cost will depend on the level of coverage selected, much like your health or auto insurance. Refer to your Certificate of Coverage for details.

Also be aware that all non-lawyer costs; such as court costs, filing fees, postage, copy fees, and travel costs, are not covered by Florida Legal policies.

If I Have a Legal Matter Not Covered by My Policy, Can I Still Use One of Your Attorneys?

Yes. However, if a certain legal matter is not covered by your policy, you will have to use the normal methods of paying that attorney for the services they provide.

When Do My Benefits Become Available?

For bankruptcy-related legal issues, there is a 90-day waiting period from the first day of the month after you join Florida Legal .

For divorce and the modification, enforcement, or establishment of a family court order, there is a six-month waiting period the first day of the month after you join Florida Legal.

For all other benefits, the policy begins covering you on the first day of the month after you join Florida Legal.

Does Your Policy Cover Legal Matters Already In Process?

No; only legal matters that commence after the date coverage begins (or the relevant waiting period; see above) are covered by Florida Legal policies.

Does My Policy Cover My Whole Family?

The following issues are covered only for the Policyholder: The modification, enforcement, or establishment of a family court order; Divorce.

All other covered legal issues are available for your spouse and each dependent up to age 26.

Once a given benefit is used, the same benefit cannot be used again until the next plan year.

Can I Get A Florida Legal Plan for My Business?

No; our plans are only for individual/consumer legal matters. Business-related matters are not covered.

Can I Use an Attorney that is not a Member of your Panel/ Use My Benefits Outside of Florida?

Yes, there are benefits available for using attorneys that are not panel members. Contact us for further details.

Is This a Discount or Referral Program?

No; Florida Legal offers Legal Insurance. The attorney you choose will bill Florida Legal directly for their legal services.

How Can I Acquire In-Office Services or Representation in Court?

Simply confirm that your matter is covered by your plan, use our Attorney Finder to choose a lawyer, call them and tell them you’re a Florida Legal member, and make an appointment.

What If All I Need is Quick Legal Advice?

As a member, you can call our Legal Hotline, speak directly with an attorney and have your general legal questions answered free of charge.